Instant GitOps Platforms

Kubefirst delivers instant GitOps platforms so you can have the most popular open source platform tools working together in minutes.

$ brew install kubefirst/tools/kubefirst
$ kubefirst k3d create
Running preflight checks
... done [5 in 8.807s]
Cloning and formatting git repositories
... done [5 in 22.246s]
Applying GitHub Terraform
... done [5 in 20.58s]
Applying k3d Terraform
... done [5 in 47.549s]
Bootstrapping Kubernetes resources
... done [5 in 10.322s]
Installing and configuring Argo CD
... done [5 in 41.508s]
Configuring Vault
... done [5 in 2m21.776s]
Creating users
... done [5 in 8.712s]
Wrapping up
... done [5 in 3.662s]
Pushing git repositories
... done [5 in 4m18.877s]
🎉 Cluster “kubefirst” is up and running!

Don’t waste the first year building out a Kubernetes platform, start further along with Kubefirst

GitOps Automation

Instantly Cloud Native

Kubefirst platforms are all powered by Argo CD so your self-managed platform has GitOps asset management and disaster recovery built into your architecture. All applications are managed in a single gitops git repository that you get to host and extend in any direction.

Automated Infrastructure Workflows

Kubefirst uses Atlantis to integrate automated Terraform workflows with your GitHub or GitLab pull requests. This setup produces an audit log of all system changes in a singular git repository that manages all your IaC and GitOps resources.

Quick & Secure Kubernetes Adoption

Kubefirst provides a user platform and single sign on OIDC provider powered by Hashicorp Vault that’s integrated throughout all of the platform tools. Vault is also the exclusive source of truth for all secrets on the platform so you’re starting from the best possible rotation and redundancy posture.

Technology Leaders

Kubefirst Community

A Slack workspace of cloud native engineers who are centralizing on running the same cloud native tools the same approximate way.

Open Source

Use the most powerful, popular, and well-documented technologies in the cloud native space.

Read the Virtru Case Study

Save Costs

In only 6 minutes Kubefirst can have you running in production so your team can build on top of the proven open source foundation. It would take years of engineering costs to build the same platform from scratch. It’s open source, it’s powered by GitOps that you get to keep, and it’s free.

Platform Engineering Foundation

A cloud on your laptop with kubefirst local

The kubefirst local platform is a localhost version of the cloud native platform. It’s great for ephemeral demo environments, development environments, experimentation, home labs, clouds which we don’t yet natively support and edge computing scenarios.

Metaphor Demo Application

Make use of kubefirst’s Metaphor application which demonstrates how everything on the platform works. Any changes to the main branch of your new Metaphor repository will build and deliver your application to your new cluster.

GitHub or GitLab with Kubernetes Native CI and CD

The Kubefirst platform comes with GitHub or GitLab pre-integrated with Argo Workflows. This gives the Development team the feedback that they need in their home environment—their git provider. This also provides your platform and security team with the kubernetes native controls it requires over CI processes and the secrets they need access to with the powerful workflow engine.

Working with the Kubefirst team has been a revelation, not just because the technology actually works (it does!). We are aligned with their vision on what it will take to get from beginning to scale, while operating with integrity. We are thrilled with the team, the product, what they’ve accomplished, their professionalism and their goals.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Dixon DIck
Kubefirst Slack Channel

I have been using Kubefirst to enable much deeper and more effective product investigations. In less than 5 minutes I have a repeatable environment with core features like certificate and secrets management so trying new tools in more realistic, but still sandboxed, environments has become a breeze.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Abby Bangser
Principal Engineer
Kubefirst Community Slack

I was impressed.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Nicolas Chaillan
Former U.S. Air Force Chief Software Officer (CSO)
Linkedin DM

Most incredible platform since the dawn of time!

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
John Dietz

Kubefirst has been a game changer for my team at Virtru. By adopting the Kubefirst GitOps platform, Virtru has been able to reduce operational costs, improve overall platform security, and most importantly reduce time to market - releasing our first product to the Google Cloud Platform marketplace within weeks.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Dana Morris
SVP, Product and Engineering
Mar 16, 2024

SCaLE 21x - What the Heck Is Kubernetes

Ever wonder what that fuss is all about! Is this just a new technology that will die along the thousands of JavaScript libraries that were supposed to change the way we code? Is Kubernetes, K8s for close friends, really a game changer? Even if it was, do you or your project really need a container orchestration system with its clusters, controllers, pods and all those new moving pieces? My friend, I got your back, as all, yes, ALL your questions will be answered in this talk. We will demystify together what the heck is this thing. In the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the platform & its quirks, including the pros and cons, how to get started, and some must-know tools that will make your life easier.

Presented by:
Kubeshop Product manager
Frédéric Harper
Principal Developer Advocate
Kubeshop Product manager
Kubeshop Product manager
Kubeshop Product manager
kubefirst cloud native

Kubefirst is part of the CNCF Landscape

Kubefirst is featured on the CNCF Landscape, an important project that provides a resource map for cloud native engineers and enterprises to quickly view and understand the overall picture of the cloud native system. You can find Kubefirst on the CNCF Landscape in the Provisioning space under Automation & Configuration.