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White Glove Service

  • Platform installation or deprovisioning process.
  • A walkthrough of the platform to your devops teams to explore the kubefirst platform together after provisioning.
  • Onboarding applications.
  • Adding additional kubernetes tools.
  • Removing parts of the kubefirst platform for your platform.


How do I get started fast with Kubernetes and Cloud Native tools?
There’s no faster way to get started with Kubernetes and Cloud Native than with a Kubefirst installation. Most tools that expedite this process for you will still just leave you with an empty kubernetes cluster. Kubefirst leaves you with a comprehensive, fully automated, gitops ecosystem. You’ll be adding your team and deploying to production within minutes.
It sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?
It’s free, it’s open source, and there’s no catch. We built the kubefirst project because we were frustrated with the amount of time it takes to build solid kubernetes platforms from scratch. If that’s valuable to you, we’d love a github star in return.
I don’t like one of your tools - am I stuck with it?
Not at all. We’ve carefully selected our tool set to be easily replaced with your opinions. Once you install, it’s yours to run, and you can remove our favorite technologies with yours by pull requesting the change to your new GitOps git repository that we create for you.
Your tools are great, but I have other tools that I love - how do I add more?
Any cloud native tool that you want to add to the kubefirst platform can be added by simply pull requesting the new tool to the registry in your new GitOps repository.
How do I get started fast with Vault?
Vault is a complex secrets engine that takes a lot of time to learn. Starting with the right patterns in place makes all the difference. When you install Kubefirst, you install Vault, fully configured and operational so that you can start out months further down the road than you would without Kubefirst.
How do I get started with GitOps on ArgoCD?
GitOps is a fundamentally different approach to application delivery than scripted techniques. The new discipline offers significant improvements to security posture, asset management, and change control. Every application on the kubefirst platform is managed using GitOps with Argo CD.
How should I be handling secrets in a GitOps environment?
Secrets are the one of the few tricky problems of GitOps. You want your desired state in Git, which is exactly where you don’t want your secrets. Kubefirst manages this catch-22 by implementing Vault and the External Secrets Operator. With our approach, you can declare in git where your secrets are instead of what your secrets are, and keep your secrets where they’re safe - in Vault.
How do I automate terraform plans and applies?
Terraform infrastructure as code is a must-have for many organizations, but all too often the execution of terraform is left to someone’s laptop. This produces a cloud of distrust about what infrastructure changes happened, when they happened, and whether it was successful. All of the Terraform code that you’ll receive in your Kubefirst platform is automated with Atlantis, so your infrastructure changes are auditable, automated, and everyone can see the result of your most critical infrastructure operations.
How do I publish a container and helm chart on Kubefirst?
Publishing containers and helm charts are part of our library of open source Argo Workflow templates that we provide you with when you install the kubefirst platform. These continuous integration templates provide all kinds of capabilities that are helpful for GitOps application deployments.
How do GitOps deployments work to multiple environments?
Promotion of applications through multiple environments is the other element of GitOps that is tricky to figure out. The GitOps spec doesn’t address to environments and leaves it to the user to define. The Kubefirst platform has addressed this void by providing you with a development, staging, and production environment, and an application called Metaphor that demonstrates how you can achieve promotable GitOps delivery workflows.
How does single sign on work with Kubefirst?
User management, roles, and least privilege policies are concepts that are all too commonly left out of Infrastructure as Code and stitched back together through frustrating exchanges between IT departments and Engineering departments - leaving your engineering team with a half-automated solution to work with. Kubefirst puts user management back where it belongs, in engineering control, with automated and auditable governance.
Do you have an example of a kubernetes application?
Providing examples of complex topics can be the most effective way to teach good patterns. Kubefirst has provided an example microservice named metaphor to establish this example kubernetes application for you.
Do you have an example of GitOps application delivery?
Metaphor is our sample application that comes with the kubefirst platform, and it comes equipped with GitOps application delivery automated and ready to go, so you can learn first hand what it looks like to GitOps-deliver an application and promote it up your environment chain.

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